Varmint Contest
2016 Rules and Regulations

  • Each team member must have a valid Texas Hunting License and all TPWD laws must be followed.
  • Hunting is allowed anywhere in the state of Texas that you have permission to hunt or on State Land where varmint hunting is legal and you have the necessary permit and license.
  • $200 entry fee per team; side post are optional
  • Four people per team max, teams may hunt with less than 4
  • All teams must be entered and paid in full by February 13th at 12:00 pm.
  • Hunting begins at 12:00 pm on Saturday, February 13th.
  • All teams must be weighed in, or in line by 1:00 pm on Sunday, February 14th.
  • Teams may pre-enter & pay at DF&G Wildlife Supply or by calling the office at (830) 965-1622, or in personall teams are responsible to confirm payment receipt with contest officials.
  • All team members must hunt together at all times – no splitting up!
  • All animals must be called.  An animal must at a minimum, stop and look at the call before you shoot.  If you are driving across the pasture and spot an animal you must come a complete stop, call, make the animal respond, and then you can shoot.
  • All animals must be killed during contest hours. Animals will be checked for freshness.
  • Giving, exchanging, or accepting any animal from ANYBODY during the hunt will result in disqualification. No pooling of animals or adding weight to an animal.
  • No trapping animals or using dogs to catch, bay, or track animals.
  • No hunting out of boats or aircraft.
  • Each team is responsible for proper disposal of all animals.
  • Kids under 18 must have written permission from their parents.
  • In case of a points tie the heaviest coyote breaks tie.
  • All team members must be present at the weigh in, and all team members must be able to take the polygraph test. If a team member does not make the check in time then the team is disqualified. If a team member is drawn to take the polygraph test and refuses or says he is not medically able, then the team is disqualified.


 Points system:

  • Mountain Lion      200 Points
  • Bobcat                   50 Points
  • Coyote                  25 Points
  • Fox                        10 Points (10 head maximum)
  • Raccoon                5 Points (10 head maximum)

$20 per Side Pot for Heaviest – Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Coon, Jackrabbit, and most animals (no jackrabbits).
Side Pots are winner take all 100% payback
Payback Schedule:
            5 teams or less                        1st place pays
            6-10 teams                  1st & 2nd pays (60% / 40%)
            11+ teams                   1, 2, & 3 pays (50% / 30% / 20%)